Fashion Revolution has published its annual report on transparency and working conditions in the fashion industry, putting OVS at the top of the list of the 250 biggest brands in the sector

Venice, 8 July 2021 - OVS is climbing the transparency ranking and is now at the top of the new Fashion Transparency Index of Fashion Revolution, a global movement that encourages the fashion industry to respect human rights and the environment at every stage in the production cycle. 

OVS scores highest this year with 78% of targets achieved, which is a significant leap forward compared to the 2020 edition. The Index analyses and ranks 250 of the world's leading fashion brands and retailers (identified on the basis of turnover and brand awareness), assessing their degree of transparency in disclosing actions taken to respect human rights and environmental policies. The Fashion Transparency Index was created with the aim of making consumers better informed on issues crucial to sustainable development. According to Fashion Revolution, transparency is in fact the first fundamental step that brands must take towards environmental awareness.

"We have achieved this thanks to the work begun several years ago", says Simone Colombo, Head of Corporate Sustainability at OVS, "The breadth of the OVS range and the plurality of our suppliers has required constant mapping of the players involved in the chain and consequent evaluation of their performance, which has often had to be accompanied by an awareness-raising campaign for some of them. We have identified transparency as the key factor in enabling change towards a more sustainable profile."

OVS is investing in making every link in the long production chain known, making lists of direct and indirect suppliers available, and accurately reporting water consumption and CO2 emissions: at an aggregate level, through the involvement of its suppliers, and at the level of each individual product, through ECO VALORE, a project in collaboration with the University of Padua, which allows customers to quickly assess the environmental impact on garments, as generated during production. 

By defining a strategic sustainability plan approved by the Board of Directors in December 2020, OVS has made public the environmental and social policies that guide its business activities, in order to cover the sustainable development objectives indicated to companies by the United Nations more effectively.

Thursday, July 8, 2021 - 10:47
Last modified: 2021 - 07 - 09