New York, 15 March; Madrid, 17 March and Paris, end of May

The unmistakable style of Massimo Piombo is coming to New York (Soho, 149 Spring Street) and Madrid (Calle Coello 65), while work proceeds at pace on the Paris space (193 Rue St. Honoré), which is scheduled to open at the end of May.

"We chose three capital cities that are transforming the world’s palpable desire for recovery into pure energy and which, today, are the catalysts for new fashion and lifestyle expressions”, says Stefano Beraldo, CEO of the OVS Group, “We saw them as the most suited to welcome PIOMBO’s extraordinary collections. This mix of the designer’s talent and the vanguard production capabilities of OVS has created a unique cocktail, a balance of style and amazing prices. Piombo is already an affordable style icon in Italy and now we want to take this brand beyond our borders.”

Travel is therefore the all-round theme here. A tour through the work of Massimo Piombo, a genius when it comes to mixing jackets, shirts, sweaters, T-shirts, trousers and skirts, all especially studied to make sure that everything goes with everything else. A game of skill, a puzzle with endless solutions, in the spirit of a stand-out collection. This is  the hallmark  of Massimo Piombo, who is setting out from Italy to take his fashion tastes global.

“I want the world to see the essence of my collections, which are designed to be worn by anyone, regardless of age”, says Massimo Piombo, designer and creative director at OVS. “It’s a fashion that is linked to an Italian awareness, created from a multitude of variations, and inspired by art and travel, and by our country’s strong bond between culture and beauty. We chose Spring Street in New York, because this is a great street to stroll along, and pop into the shops and galleries, in a continuous in and out, that infects you with the cosmopolitan dynamism of Soho”.

The concept behind the store (1550 sqft) was developed using natural, recycled and regenerated materials. The new "Piombo Sky Blue” store is a single-colour location where the designer has imagined a dialogue between aesthetics and function, to define the brand identity and at the same time, offer members of the public an appealing place with appeal, where they can turn up to look, touch, and share. A background to bring out the full impact of the colours and prints in the collections, which lend themselves to endless solutions.

PIOMBO is the essence of “Italian style”, but with lots of added surprises: culture and magic, elegance, creativity, lightness, intelligence, quality and affordable prices, joy,  and a certain refined extravagance.

Thursday, February 16, 2023 - 16:32
Last modified: 2023 - 05 - 25