OVS #wecare is continuing its sustainable innovation programme: a new life for used clothes, green collections and a controlled supply line, attention to energy savings and above all, being people-centric. Marking the 10th anniversary of working alongside Save the Children.

Venice, May 2019 - OVS, Italy’s leading fashion retail brand is boosting its commitment to sustainability to play its part in protecting the planet's future with its sustainable innovation project, #wecare, which applies to every area of the company, all round, from the product to the store and to people.

To promote its transition into circular fashion, where there is no waste because everything is already devised to be a raw material in a new product. OVS, the only Italian brand to adhere to the goals of the Global Fashion Agenda, undertakes to collect at least 1000 tons of used clothing by 2020, thanks to the active participation of its customers. With the tag line “Insieme proteggiamo il futuro del pianeta” [Protecting the planet’s future, together], OVS launched a video dedicated to circular fashion last May, using all of its social media as well as the ovs.it website. The aim is to raise awareness among customers for the collection of used clothing that continues in all stores. In fact, since 2013, there has been a used clothing collection programme in place since 2013, in collaboration with I:CO. If items are still wearable, I:CO subjects them to a special treatment so that they can be re-used, or else they can be transformed into different products or broken down into their textile fibres to recover new raw materials.

Even OVS products reflect the brand’s green credentials, continuing its research into increasingly virtuous materials and production processes. OVS supports the Healthy Seas project that recovers fishing nets from the ocean beds and through a regeneration process, these nets are transformed into ECONYL yarns, which have been used by OVS to launch a capsule swimwear collection.

OVS is committed to using organic cotton for its collections and has also been adhering to the Better Cotton Initiative since 2016, aiming to radically improve the impact of the global cotton industry on people as well as on the environment. Therefore, it was a natural choice to use regenerated cotton fibres in its denim and from the Autumn/Winter 2019 collection, OVS will be using zero PP treatments which replaces potassium permanganate with other biodegradable substances or laser treatment, which is almost completely waterless. Lastly, in partnership with a cutting-edge Italian start-up, there is now a selection of items in store made with Recycrom dyes from 100% recycled textiles.

As part of its commitment towards a sustainable future, OVS seeks out increasingly sustainable energy efficiency, limiting waste and introducing energy saving programmes. Since 2017, OVS has in fact chosen to use only certified renewable energy for its headquarters and all of its sales points, reducing its carbon footprint by almost 90%. To improve the transparency of its supply chain and make sure that the social and environmental impact of its production is positive, OVS has joined the Sustainable Apparel Coalition, an association that develops tools and industry collaboration initiatives in the fashion industry to boost sustainability performance for products and production processes. It also supports the Accord on Fire and Building Safety, an agreement promoted at international level by the OECD which has been making sure that factory buildings in Bangladesh are safe since 2013. Finally, aware of the value of small, everyday gestures, OVS has embarked on a programme of staff training on the subject that includes, among other things, a roadmap for the production of plastic use, raising awareness and helping people to work harder not to damage the environment.

People and their wellness are, therefore at the very centre of what we do at OVS. This year, on the occasion of Save the Children’s centenary, we are also celebrating another important anniversary: our ten years of partnership with the organisation. It has been a long journey in which OVS has been working with Save the Children on humanitarian emergencies and important projects for children’s health and education in Italy and all over the world. OVS’ commitment to children’s future has been renewed for 2019 with a series of initiatives and fund raisers, as well as donor cards and dedicated collections that will be running throughout the year.

See the #wecare video: #wecare: https://www.ovs.it/wecare/raccolta-abiti

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Last modified: 2019 - 09 - 25