The "Piombo" brand is coming to over 500 Ovs stores

The brand is coming to dedicated OVS stores in autumn 2020, .

The partnership between OVS and designer Massimo Piombo has been stepped up. The PIOMBO brand is coming to over 500 OVS stores in Italy in Autumn 2020. These will be dedicated spaces where OVS customers will find the style and taste of this internationally famous designer, in affordably priced collections presented in characteristic, easily recognisable areas.

With this initiative we would like to offer our customers the opportunity to dress PIOMBO” , says Stefano Beraldo, OVS CEO. “We have decided to link up the PIOMBO brand with the extraordinary OVS supply chain in order to combine excellent quality and affordable prices, thanks to the efficiency of our business model. OVS customers will therefore be able to shop the unmistakably authentic Italian style and flavour of one of the most talented designers around.” 

These items, to be labelled PIOMBO, include jackets, trousers, suits, shirts, knitwear and accessories: a full range of everyday clothing to satisfy a variety of clothing needs in which carefully chosen fabrics and attention to detail are given the timeless PIOMBO hallmark.

"With OVS, everyone can get PIOMBO now”, says Massimo Piombo, OVS Creative Director, “Since I started out in this sector, I’ve always believed that spending too much money on clothing to build your own style is pointless. At last, thanks to my getting involved with OVS, my hopes have come true and I have been able to get my style ideas circulating, thanks to the incredible know-how of a brand capable of producing quality items at surprising retail prices. I’m committed to making sure my experience will be useful in offering PIOMBO at OVS prices. In this project, my aim has been to accompany customers through various use opportunities, from going to the office in the morning to sport and free time”. 

Friday, January 31, 2020 - 12:04
Last modified: 2021 - 01 - 13