Diversity as an original way forward for everyday clothing. This is the key concept behind the PIOMBO WOMAN line designed by Massimo Piombo.

The internationally known designer is now taking a more detailed look at the universe of women, developing a personalised collection that mixes and matches unusual combinations of fabrics and colours, with his usual obsession for exoticism, and his unbiased sense of curiosity. On sale exclusively in OVS stores, under the PIOMBO WOMAN range, OVS is continuing its evolution towards fashion for all, linked to the different sensitivities and multiple styles that are part of the culture and beauty of our country. 

"It’s a great challenge for me,” says Massimo Piombo, creative director of OVS, “I’ve been able to approach a project focused exclusively on sensuality and beauty, to showcase a world of items designed to dress women, freeing up feminine emotivity, and dedicated to ‘beautiful different people’”.

Moments of life translated into coats, trousers, knits, all brought together with the freedom of a charismatic collection that Piombo sees in the context of a “total living” concept, since the taste for getting dressed is never too far away from a precise idea of lifestyle.

A "Piombo Cocktail", inspired by Piombo’s travels, transforming his research and his intuitive ideas into a genuine aesthetic journey that is all about variety and vitality. The aim is to combine allure and practical style in a standout collection but at affordable prices.

The particular element is that not only can women have a dedicated collection, they can also dip into items from the menswear collection, while some genderless items (knits and scarves) will be available to everyone. A brand new vision of dressing for the Piombo Woman,combining different elements in terms of materials, shapes and colours, unusual mix and matches: the go-anywhere coat to pair with jeans and sneakers, or even with an evening dress; the timeless pea coat, with more feminine volumes and a shorter style for a more exotic touch; soft jackets; shirt dresses; coloured knitwear, and patterns always set alongside a primary colour.

PIOMBO WOMAN is based on Massimo Piombo’s idea of the future and his consistent clothing concept, on his suggestions, on fashion designed for creative, adventurous people with an interest in beauty.

Monday, September 6, 2021 - 17:43
Last modified: 2021 - 09 - 06