We lOVS Norcia: : sunday 14 may OVS is organising a fun race in one of the symbol towns hit by the earthquake

Even filmmaker Giovanni Veronese, face of the Arts of Italy project, is walking for Norcia 
Norcia, May 2017.
OVS, Italy’s leading fast fashion retail brand, with the patronage of Umbria Regional Authority and the Municipality of Norcia and in conjunction with the associations We Are Norcia and I Love Norcia, is organising a fun walk in Norcia on Sunday 14 May to give its contribution to the rebirth of culture and tourism in this stunning area. Also taking part in the event is filmmaker Giovanni Veronese, one of the faces of the Arts of Italy project, of which the event is a part. 
We lOVS Norcia is a fun race where everyone can set their own pace: start at 11:00 from Campo della Fiera in the direction of  Piana di Santa Scolastica and towards Strada del Margine, after a route that is totally family friendly (choice between 5.8 km and 7.2 km) the route reaches the town walls of Norcia, entering the Roman Gate and on to the finish in the splendid Piazza San Benedetto, one of the symbolic locations of Norcia. 
The event is free and entry forms are available on ovs.it, in OVS stores or, on 14 May, directly in Norcia (at Campo della Fiera from 9:30 a.m. until the start). At the starting line it will be possible to pick up an OVS WE LOVS NORCIA backpack (there is not service to keep personal items), and there is a car park close to the start for those who arrive with their own means. 
From 12:30, Campo della Fiera will host a market and exhibition selling typical products from Norcia, an area dedicated to local restaurants and a series of entertainment activities, including a live performance from Antonino, winner of the fourth edition of Amici. 
OVS, working with the Umbria Department of Cultural Heritage and Landscapes and the Opificio delle Pietre Dure in Florence will be contributing to a restoration project for the 17thcentury painting “The Virgin and Child in Glory, Saint Scholastica and other Saints”, from the Basilica of San Benedetto da Norcia, seriously damaged during the recent earthquakes. 
With the aim of supporting the restoration of art heritage in sites damaged by the earthquakes that struck Central Italy,OVS has started a fund raiser, active for the whole of May, at its own stores and online at ovs.it, to which you can contribute when you sign up for the Norcia walk. 
We lOVS Norcia” is one of the initiatives of the second Arts Of Italy, the OVS project to develop a dialogue between art and fashion, contributing to making the general public more aware of the immense historic and artistic wealth of Italy. OVS has created a limited edition capsule collection for men and women, where the garments are inspired by masterpieces of Italian art, inspired by decorative motifs and symbolic of several renaissance and baroque works. The faces of the advertising campaign are artists and important personages from entertainment and culture: Emma, actresses Ambra Angiolini and Valeria Solarino, writer Luca Bianchini, chef Davide Oldani and filmmaker Giovanni Veronesi who will be making a “short” dedicated to the project. 
The collection will be on sale from 19 May online at ovs.it and in selected OVS stores from 20 May
Sunday, May 14, 2017 - 10:06
Last modified: 2017 - 07 - 03