Venice, 20 April 2016. Devised and promoted by OVS, Arts of Italy is a brand new project to raise awareness about safeguarding and making the most of the wealth of art in our country. It is a journey through time, discovering Italy’s immense cultural and artistic heritage. This ambitious goal will allow OVS to pay homage to lesser-known Italian art works with a limited edition collection, and to donate financial resources to bringing monuments with priceless historical value back to life.

Art and nature have always provided us with inspiration of matchless beauty and perfection, and are the source of ideas for the work of artists and creatives. Arts of Italy is a journey that OVS, Italy’s top fast fashion retailer, has undertaken all over the country, seeking ideas and interpreting Italy’s artistic heritage through the innovative key of detailing: decoration, friezes, the grain in a piece of marble, or the tiles in a mosaic. From this we have produced a limited edition capsule collection with a bold visual impact, designed by the creative team at OVS and inspired by some of Italy’s most important art treasures, as researched by Davide Rampello, project curator, together with his team. The collection, for men and women, will be on sale in selected OVS stores from 20th May, and from 19th May, online at

The womenswear collection is based on the mosaics of Salerno Cathedral, transformed here into multi-coloured designs for undulating skirts and dresses, or in beaded decorations for white T-shirts and jogging pants. The stone rose on the Church of San Pietro di Tuscania (Viterbo) has also been re-interpreted and repeated an infinite number of times in brilliant white macramé lace on crop tops and little dresses with gathered sleeves. For the menswear, the geometric decorations of the Roman house in Spoleto have migrated to regimental shirts and canvas slip-on shoes, while the baroque prospects of the dome of Sant’Ivo alla Sapienza in Rome are repeated endlessly on T-shirts with street attitude, as are the white Carrara statues of the Scala dei Giganti of Venice’s Ducal Palace. Part of the profits from the sale of items in this collection will be devolved to the restoration of some of Italy’s artistic masterpieces.

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