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OVS is Italy’s leading brand of clothing for men, women, and kids, with over 1,200 stores in Italy and abroad. OVS is about contemporary, essential Italian style at excellent value for money and with a good deal of attention to sustainability in the choice of materials and production processes.

The brand is evolving towards a logic of being both a physical and digital platform, thanks to the progressive introduction of complementary brands that are able to satisfy different lifestyles of its wide customer base. With its stores, OVS is present throughout Italy with a network of stores in the main city centres, shopping malls and residential areas, with some 170 million visitors every year. It also offers a brand new shopping experience with its e-shop ovs.it.

Find out more at  www.OVS.it



OVS is the undisputed leading company on the Italian market for kids’ clothes and can boast a double-digit market share with its OVS KIDS brand.

The brand is present in all OVS sales points as well as in 450 stand-alone stores in Italy and abroad. Its target consists of kids from 0 -14 years old, offering competitively priced clothing of the highest quality made with carefully selected raw materials, and developed to combine style and practical wear. From the Fagottino line, dedicated to babiesin their first 36 months, to kids’ clothes for up to 8 years, and on to older kids from 9 to 14 years.

Quality is an essential requirement for OVS. For many of its clothing and underwear items, OVS uses Biocotton (grown without synthetic chemicals) and has Oeko-Tex certification that guarantees no chemicals are used in the garments.

Find out more at  www.ovs.it/bambino

UPIM Store


Upim, founded in Verona in 1928, is an Italian family store and a benchmark for value for money, convenient and affordable shopping dedicated to the daily needs of families. With over 500 stores, including sales points dedicated to kids’ clothing, it offers a local-based service, with a wide variety of ranges, including clothing for the whole family, beauty care, and homeware.

Attention to contemporary style and people’s real lives, taking into account the needs of families and the real needs of their customers, which make Upim an everyday presence, a tradition in the home and a genuine reference point  for each store's local area.

Find out more at www.upim.it

Upim Blue kids


Blukids is Upim’s clothing brand specifically for kids. It has around 200 stand-alone stores in Italy and internationally, with an average retail area of 100-250 sq m, and it can also be found in 200 Upim stores.

It is a benchmark for accessible, affordable shopping to meet the everyday needs of mums and kids. Blukids accompanies kids as they grow, at any moment during the day, from school to special occasions. Blukids includes collections for baby (0-36 months), kids (2-8 years) and juniors (9-15 year), which stand out for their use of natural fibres as well as for being excellent value for money. The product range is completed by underwear, accessories, footwear and toys.

For many of its clothing and underwear items, Blukids uses Biocotton (grown without synthetic chemicals) and has Oeko-Tex certification that guarantees no chemicals are used in the garments. The company is part of the Better Cotton Initiative.

Find out more at www.blukids.it



A historic brand in home decoration, dedicated to those who love easy, informal contemporary design to experience every day.

Its collections express different areas within the home, from textiles to tableware and kitchen items, accessories, complementary furnishing items, with a range of basic products, all offering excellent value for money.

Find out more at www.croff.it



A Historical Italian brand, acquired by OVS in March 2021. The brand’s heritage has been reinterpreted with an updated narrative and a contemporary identity. The new brand has a current, urban attitude that is conscious of its past but projected to the present and future.

Find out more at www.stefanel.com

Last modified: 2022 - 04 - 12