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Our stores are located in the cities historic centre, shopping centers and residential zones

OVS Store


OVS stores - over 1200 - can be found in city centres, residential areas and shopping malls. They form a dense network all over Italy, with an average retail area of about 1,500 sq m for the directly owned, full-format store, and about 150 sq m for OVS KIDS brand stores.

The OVS store is  a public place, but it also feels welcoming, like home. It’s simple, functional, inclusive and mainstream:  anyone - men, women, teens, boys and girls can feel comfortable and free to shop there.

Large, open spaces in a warm, welcoming setting, thanks also to the use of natural materials - wood floors and coconut matting  - to help create an atmosphere where a fun shopping experience can be combined with a relaxing break, while taking a look at the latest fashion trends.

OVS is also present on e-commerce channels nationally with www.ovs.it and in the international marketplace with www.ovsfashion.com.

Upim Store


With over 500 stores, Upim can be found in city centres as well as shopping and residential zones. Upim stores have an average surface area of 800 sq m for full formats and 150 sq m for BluKids and Croff, the Upim brand dedicated to the home.

Upim stores are pleasant, welcoming areas where the whole family can shop. Stores are more than just places in which to shop, they also offer relaxing areas, with children's entertainment, nursery areas, and relaxation rooms.

Upim also has a national e-commerce channel at www.upim.com



Stefanel stores have an average surface area of80 to 120 sqm and they are located strategic locations in major cities or top malls. The spaces reflect the brand’s contemporary identity and expresses its sophisticated simplicity.
Natural and sustainable materials, modern and essential lines, a color palette in line with the logo.

OVS and OVS KIDS Stores

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UPIM Stores

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